Every Room Is Unique... The Solution Should Be Too.

A Complete Design Build Company

With a background in church construction, music performance, audio and acoustic design, Vivid Pro Systems is uniquely positioned to help your church or organization. There is lack of sound council in the small to medium church market. This is primarily due the absence of a qualified worship technology consultant. Too often, committees look to unqualified and inexperienced volunteers to fill the shoes of a qualified designer. Because of our experience and background, your church can enjoy the benefit of a well integrated system. PLUS, you get a friend you can call any time for support and training. Since 1991, we have enjoyed making friends and helping churches of many denominations.


Quick Resources

Audio, video, and lighting can be a complex, confusing monster… without the right instruction and tools. Below you’ll find some quick start guides to answer any basic questions you may have.

To EQ or Not To EQ?

Compression, What Does It Do?