No Guess Work Here

With over 30 years of experience, and using the latest technology, Vivid Pro Systems can give you the solution you need…the first time! Top of the line software allows us to build a complete virtual model of your room, insert the latest audio technology, and see a graphical representation of the results instantly. While this reduces installation time and helps reduce costly mistakes, it also gives us and our clients peace of mind throughout the entire process, from conception to installation.


Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers (EASE)

Since it came onto the scene over 15 years ago, EASE has grown into a powerful and versatile tool for professional sound designers all over the world. At Vivid Pro Systems we believe in giving our clients only the best, and there’s no better way to do that than to use the best tools available.


EASE serves many functions, but one of the most important is as a room editor. EASE allows the insertion and modification of room structures such as walls, stairs, columns, loudspeaker positions, and audience areas.


When editing speaker models, EASE serves as a case editor, which allows for the insertion and modification of individual loudspeakers components. In addition to the speaker itself, EASE also serves as a cluster editor. Once we’ve determined which individual speaker to use, EASE allows us to cluster the speakers into different configurations; the position of the grouped loudspeakers relative to each other, their acoustic centers and their aiming directions.